"Small Business, Big Heart"

Miella company is a collectible fabrics and digital download e-commerce store based in Camrose Alberta. Here you will find a series of collections carefully thought out by designer and business owner, Alyssa. We also host a number of notable designers you can support by printing fabric in our printery. Miella company is a small company, where the owner is your designer, order placer, packer, shipper, customer service representative, community leader, all while being a mom to 2 beautiful growing daughters. There is no other paid employee here at Miella. This business is based with in the owners home. Thank you so much for supporting our little home business. We can't wait to see what you create!

  • Miella Company

    Find all the newest Miella collections within this collection here. Artist from Alberta, Canada.

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  • Golden June

    Find the entirety of the Golden June collection Miella offers. This collection is a groovy 60/70s or muted pastel tones with earthy accents. Artist from USA.

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  • Camila Prints

    Find all the current Camila Prints designs Miella offers. This collection is a 80s Retro bright colours and unique style. Artist from Lithuania!

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  • Brittany Frost Designs

    Find all current Brittany frost designs Miella offers. This collection is a mix of retro muted and modern. Artist From USA.

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  • Muse Bloom Designs

    From Lyon, France Meet designer Julia. Elegant, bright designs!

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  • Cate & Rainn

    Hand Watercolour painted designs Made by Bethany. Artist From USA.

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  • Thread Mama

    Retro Modern day designs!

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  • Moody Mama

    Meet Stephanie! Talented artist from Oklahoma, Usa!

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  • Hey Cute Design

    Diane Robinson, Grandma to 18 from USA! Creating such cute patterns for the entire family to enjoy! Find her here: Hey Cute Design.

    Lets Get Cute 
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