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Panel Retail Single Stretch Sided Minky - Lots to do Sailor Cats in Purple Galaxy (Youth Panel)

Miella Fabrics

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All our retail fabric has a Turn around time of 7-10 business days once the order is received! 

**Quantities are limited, Please note, yardage is estimated and as we try out best to ensure appropriate yardage, your order is never guaranteed till it ships. First Come first serve basis, If your order oversells, we will refund or replace by messaging/Emailing you**

Fabric Base:

  • Single Sided Minky Velvet (Stretch) - 220GSM - 160CM
    Single Sided Minky Velvet is a 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex fabric that is considerably stretchy. Minky fabric is soft and silky to the touch. This Minky has a flat back that is not rough like traditional flat woven Minky. With its great stretch this fabric makes it the perfect choice for apparel! 

    Miella Panel Sizes:

    • Full Yard Blanket Topper 
      36x60" - Typically the image will cover up as much as the area as possible, with about 4" of space on each side. This will allow for seam allowance for binding. 
    • Throw Pillows
      18x18" - 10-12" Image
    • Adult 
      30x36" - 12" Image
    • Youth 
      20x36" - 10" Image
    • Toddler
      20x36" - 8" Image
    • Baby 
      18x12 - 6" Image