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Regular Retail Fabric - Brushed French Terry - Moody mama - Valentines floral coordinate stripes

Miella Fabrics

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All our retail fabric has a Turn around time of 1-5 business days once the order is received! 

**Quantities are limited, Please note, yardage is estimated and as we try out best to ensure appropriate yardage, your order is never guaranteed till it ships. First Come first serve basis, If your order oversells, we will refund or replace by messaging/Emailing you**

Fabric Base:

  • Cotton Brushed French Terry (Stretch) - 330GSM - 150-160CM
    Cotton Brushed french terry is a 95% cotton and 5%spandex blend that is thicker with a 'squishy' cuddly quality to it. It's smooth and soft on one side and has soft loops on the opposite. The loops have been brushed to give it a fuzzy feel. Ideal for lounge wear.